Living with IBS: My story and a few other bits and bobs

Ah the talk of bowel movement. Being a dietitian with a passion for gastroenterology, conversations behind closed doors don’t usually entail talk of green smoothies, your 5 a day and how to rid your thighs of cellulite. We try to figure out what causes the uncontrollable flatulence, how to avoid a mad hunt for bathrooms and ways to prevent your bowels from escaping your body in public. If you’re not into poop talk, then I bid you farewell! Here’s my bowel story and my struggles with IBS…Slide1

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In the Baker’s Den: The ultimate banana loaf and some cheeky amaranth balls

Nothing calms be down better than being in the kitchen and getting all experimental! Much of the recipes I post here are trial and errors, despite how basic they are! HOWEVER, given that I am not much of the professional baker, I am loving the end products! So here I am, sharing my two “Sandra’s gone pro-baker” recipes: The ultimate (and easiest) gluten-free banana and walnut loaf and some random popped amaranth and peanut butter balls! Bon Appetit! 

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Skin Essentials: Kicking off the year with a glow!

Finally! My first post of 2015 and we’re kicking off the year with how to get great-Looking skin. A number of readers and my past patients would always ask me about the secret to glowing skin. Frankly, there is no magical concoction. It entails a whole list of to do’s and definitely not scouring the isles for the latest wrinkle blasting, skin tightening, anti-ageing products. Here’s the deal…

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It’s Promo Time! 50% off subscription packages and get your pocket dietitian!

My darling readers! 

As the holiday season approaches, why not get nutrition support throughout the winter months to avoid piling up the Kgs, boost your immunity and approach the new year a healthier you?!

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