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Recipe Recap: Freekeh, Quinoa and Millet

Back with another recipe recap and I’ve decided that today’s theme is all about healthy grains! Our 3 contenders are freekeh, quinoa and millet, all of which are amazing additions to your menu. So which recipes have made the cut? Here are my 3 top picks of

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In the Baker's Den: The ultimate banana loaf and some cheeky amaranth balls

Nothing calms me down better than being in the kitchen and getting all experimental! Much of the recipes I post here are trial and errors, despite how basic they are! HOWEVER, given that I am not much of the professional baker, I am loving the end products.

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Kitchen Escapades: Surviving the Baker's Den

Many may think that being a dietitian equals extraordinary chef, which in my case, is DEFINITELY NOT. I have to give credit to a course during my Uni years, which taught me to master the art of cooking on another level. Fast forward 11 years later, here I

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Nibbles for Thought: The Gluten-Free Obsession

#GlutenFree #NoGluten and the hash tags go on! This gluten free phenomenon is on the rise, where people seem to believe that cutting out gluten is another answer to their diet woos. For those who are quite new to the latest diet trend, gluten is a protein

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In the Spotlight: Sweet Connection, The Gluten Free Kitchen, Dubai.

Great accomplishments begin with small steps as seen in the rise of the Gluten Free Kitchen in Dubai, UAE. Speaking to the founder of Sweet Connection, Areej Jomaa, we get a little insight as to how this project started, winning the hearts and taste buds of thousands

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