Nourishing the Female Gut 03.02.24 (Dubai)

Nourishing the Female Gut: An event for elevating female gut health through nutrition and yoga.
With the plethora of confusing information and pseudoscience around gut health and hormones, this is your one-stop event to gain confidence in understanding how to nourish your gut as a female and move with your flow. In this 2-part workshop, you'll join gut-health specialist dietitian, author and founder of Nutrition A-Z Sandra Mikhail and Sarah Medina, an international yogi from Spain based in Dubai, to take a deep-dive into the world of the female gut.

In Sandra's workshop, Nourishing the Female Gut, you will cover:

  • What is the female gut and understanding the gut-hormone connection
  • How our fluctuating hormone levels impact your gut at different phases of the menstrual cycle
  • How to address your gut symptoms throughout the menstrual cycle
  • Nutrients to focus on at different stages of the cycle
  • The intricate connection between your gut and your brain. We will explore how your gut health directly affects your mental and emotional well-being, and discover ways to foster a harmonious gut-brain relationship, allowing you to make decisions and "trust your gut" with confidence.

"Manipura Flow" with Sarah:

Sarah's yoga flow will follow, where you will experience a soul-full yoga sequence focused on balancing the Manipura chakra, AKA, the Solar Plexus chakra. This energy centre, which is located at the level of the navel, is responsible for balancing the energy within our bodies and, as the seat of the digestive system, the Manipura chakra also oversees and regulates the functions of the organs involved in the digestion process; stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, small intestine and liver. The sequence includes some gut balancing breathwork and a meditation with affirmations at the end of the class.

This event is expected to sell out as limited spaces available.

Event details:
Date: Saturday 03.02.2023
Time: 09:00 - 10:30am
Price: AED 250
Connect with your hosts over gut-friendly nibbles and tea at Tania's Tea house after the event.
Register here. Should you prefer to pay on the day in cash, you can send us an email here to sign up for the event to secure your spot.

About your hosts

Sandra Mikhail is an internationally-known accredited practising dietitian, author and the founder and director of Nutrition A-Z. She is also known as the gut-health dietitian "making poo talk salon chic", breaking the taboo around topics many find themselves secretly searching the internet for. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics(Monash University, Australia), a Master of Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Health (ETHZ) and is still an active member of Dietitians Australia. She also holds a Sports Nutrition Diploma by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Being a globe-trotting dietitian, she has extensive experience in clinical practice,nutrition consulting and health promotion,working in Australia, the UAE andSwitzerland. Her main areas of specialty are digestive disease, sports nutrition, eating disorders and corporate health working with popular brands and partners such as the Swiss football club FCZ, She's Mercedes, Johnson & Johnson, Thomson Reuters, Samsung and Adobe to name a few. As a mental health advocate, her workshops and articles on stress and nutrition have gained popularity internationally where she was personally invited by Arianna Huffington to contribute to her global platform Thrive and has appeared on CNN to talk about nutrition and stress in the workplace. Sandra is also the author of "The Gut Chronicles", which is now available worldwide.

Sarah is a Spanish-Belgian yoga instructor based in Dubai. She started her journey into Yoga and Mindfulness in 2016 and became a fully qualified Yoga teacher in 2018 after completing a total of 500 hours of her Yoga teacher training specialised in Hatha and Vinyasa. Since then, Sarah has led classes in different Yoga studios such as Kintsugi yoga studio, Inspire Yoga, Keyani studio, Matcha, and Shimis, where she has been teaching now for 4 years. Sarah has also led very popular yoga events, such as the Lululemon yoga event for International Day of Yoga, where more than 400 practitioners stepped onto their mats.

Some of the other Yoga events where Sarah hosted classes:

- Five Senses Sanctuary wellness event in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia
- Expo 2020 yoga with Core Direction (different sessions
- Burj Al Arab views in Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Top of Burj Khalifa, Green Planet, Burj Khalifa park by the fountains, and other locations with Core Direction
- Dubai 30x30 Challenge (Kite beach and Festival City Mall Park)

In her classes, Sarah includes attention to breath and guides practitioners to find comfort in grounding sequences that help to build strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance. Her sessions cater for a variety of levels as options are offered throughout her sessions with different levels of challenge.
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