Nourish Your Mind: Building stress resilience through nutrition 06.09.23

If you're in corporate then you must know of Zurich's HR Festival and Assistant's Day! On the 6th of September, Sandra has accepted the invitation of turning her popular corporate health talk "Nourish Your Mind" into a 90-minute workshop at the Kongresshaus in Zurich as part of Assistant's Day.

Many who experience stress will start noticing changes in their body and report feelings of muscle tension, headaches, irritability, loss of focus and exhaustion to name a few. Now, not many of us may realise that how we nourish our bodies has an impact on how we can become more stress resilient. Sandra, will take you on a journey that highlights the different signs of stress that are nutrition-related, nutrients essential for mental health and how to plan ahead for nourishment, immunity and productivity.

In this workshop:

  • You will identify how stress affects your eating habits.
  • You will gain an understanding of why you eat the way you eat.
  • You will learn about the effects of stress on your gut health and immunity
  • You will learn about essential nutrients to include daily for mental health & a well-functioning gut and immune system
  • You will learn how to redefine what balance means to you when it comes to food

When: Wednesday 06.09.2023 at 13:30 - 15:00
Where: Seezimmer 7, Kongresshaus Zürich

To sign up, please visit their website here as limited seats are available.
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