Rebalance: The Female Edition 11.11.2023

A 4-week online group program to rebalance your nutrition, movement, mind and sleep with a focus on women’s health.Our final cohort is set! Rebalance will open its doors once again on the 11th of November 2023.

Rebalance" is a 4 week dietitian-led group program helping you redefine what balance means to you when it comes to your wellbeing. Nutrition being at the core of it all. Over the course of 4 weeks, we'll be addressing a select number of topics tailored to a specific theme and setting out our weekly group challenge to help start the transition towards balanced living.

Week 1: Setting your 4 pillar goals and creating the ideal kitchen to "rebalance"

Week 2: Understanding the "why" - insights into why you eat the way the way you eat

Week 3: The plate division and macronutrient ratios at meal time⁠ including essential nutrients for female health

Week 4: The diversity diet for gut health and learning about the female gut

The 4-week program at CHF 220.- includes:

•Weekly program material and challenges
•Weekly group video calls - Saturdays at 10:00 CET
•Access to your private group chat
•Sample 2 week meal plan provided at the end of the program

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Is Rebalance for you?

  • Have you failed to break away from dieting?⁠
  • Do you understand the psychology behind why you eat the way you eat?⁠
  • Are you confused by all the health information you’ve been told?⁠
  • Are you familiar with your own gut-hormone connection?
  • Did you truly figure out what healthy means to you as a female?⁠

Rebalance Learnings:

  • Understand what your true direction is when addressing the 4 essential pillars to wellbeing: nutrition, mind, movement and sleep.
  • Recreate an environment at home that makes balanced eating easier and uncomplicated.
  • Uncover the answers to why you eat the way you eat and discover how to overcome emotional eating, such as stress and comfort eating. Most importantly, how to eat with no guilt or shame!
  • Implement the ideal macronutrient distribution at lunch and dinner to keep hunger levels at bay and maximise your energy levels.
  • Achieve a diverse, plant-centric diet with 30 plant-based ingredients per week.
  • Learn about essential nutrients for female health and ensuring nutrient levels are in check
  • Gain an understanding of how to get a good gut with regular bowel movements and unlock the secrets of the female gut

Who has joined previous Rebalance cohorts?

Chronic bloating

Turbulent relationship with food

Chronic pain

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Weight struggles



Constant sugar cravings

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