Empowering Family Nutrition 24.08.2024

Tired of mealtime meltdowns? Are you struggling to make balanced eating a reality for your busy family?

Nourishing your families, especially your children can become an emotional, physical and psychological hindrance. Before it turns into a weekly stressor, you must evaluate your own attitudes and approaches towards food as perfectionism has even followed us into the kitchen.

This free workshop will help you redefine what balance means to your family to become more confident and comfortable around the food choices that you make.

Highlights of this workshop:
✓Developmental & dietary changes
✓Nutrition requirements of different age groups
✓Factors influencing food intake
✓Positive approaches to fussy eating
✓How to get your kids to eat more plants
✓Addressing weight concerns in children
✓Family nutrition tips redefined based on reality
✓Make convenience foods work for you

Join us to redefine what balanced nutrition means for your family and leave with a toolkit of practical tips that will make mealtimes more enjoyable and less stressful.

When: Saturday 24.08.2024 at 10:00AM CET
Cost: Free
Register here.
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