The Power of the Breath

" Your respiration is a bridge inside your body"

Stress, insecurity, worries and fear affect our body in ways you cannot imagine. Our gut can also fall victim where we often don't realise that this area becomes tight and constricted, which can negatively impact our digestion.

Our next guest is someone truly special and has actually helped me with my own battle with anxiety and stress. In this free webinar, we'll be chatting to Michelle Sabatini about about the physical implications of stress, the power of the breath, as well as breathing and gut health. We will also look into how to develop awareness in our day to day lives.

We will end the webinar with a 10 minute breathing circle where you will learn how to release tension, be generally more relaxed and more aware of your belly.

Please make sure you register to join us for this zenful evening!
When: 26.11.2020 
Where: Zoom Webinars
Cost: FREE
Registration link: Click here if you want to attend! 

About Michelle Sabatini:

For her entire life, Michelle has been passionate about the connection between the body, the emotions and the mind: when one aspect changes, the others will also be affected. This motivated her to study psychology at the University in Lausanne. After obtaining her Masters in 1999, she went on to learn a bodywork approach that aims to teach "Body Fullness" and ceasing automatic patterns – the Grinberg Method. Michelle completed her studies in 2005 and since then, has been working regularly with clients through individual sessions. She supports them in dealing with with stress, pain, lack of energy, lack of motivation and repetitive situations. In parallel, Michelle is regularly providing workshops and presentations on topics related to how to develop more awareness in our daily life. Her tools revolve around a breathing practice, simple physical exercises to bring back the attention into the body.

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