Can nutrition help you beat the stress?

Stress. A simple word, yet holds a deep and strong connotation for when a person experiences a problem in life, be it in the workplace, at home or with family. People who experience stress will start noticing changes in their body and report feelings of muscle tension, headaches, irritability, loss of focus and exhaustion to name a few. Believe it or not, equipping yourself with a healthy diet, regular exercise and relaxation techniques can actually serve as core weapons against stress! Stress

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In the Spotlight: The Physical Training Company with Matt Cotterill

Being in this industry means working with other professionals who aim to push and bring about the best in their clients, for better health and wellbeing.

So if you’re based in Dubai, then allow me to introduce  you to The Physical Training Company and Matt Cotterill, a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and physiologist whom I have the pleasure of working with. Here’s the scoop on what you need to know…Full logo PNG Continue reading

The Raw Food Movement (insert eye roll here)

And we’ve got another one…Well, the concept of raw foodism has been around for ages, but once again, trends do come and go and this one is getting all heated up again! High-end culinary establishments are adapting their cuisine to suit the increasing number of raw foodies but why do I and so many other accredited professionals have an issue with this? Slide1

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