Dining and the City: To the Volkshaus We Go! Zurich, Switzerland

Now this is going back about a year, sometime in October…Known as being a part of Swiss history for a century now, the “People’s House of Zurich” is a multifunctional building with a restaurant, bar, spa, offices and more! I have passed by this building multiple times but never had the chance to pop inside and try out the restaurant’s exquisite menu which offers some local dishes with a twist. So the time came, and I walked in…

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Dining and the City

A couple of years back, I have decided to create another blog-Dining and the City- yet, underestimating how much work it takes to keep two blogs rolling! It was only a matter of time that the foodie in me decided to create a whole world of reviews, hot spots and guides to help you explore and navigate the world of cafés, bars and restaurants, globally!slide12

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Empower your child’s diet this new school year!

Schools are either about to start or your kids have already gone back so why not start the school year with a healthy kick! 

Healthy eating during childhood is important in order to have a good intake of nutrients for growth and development, improved concentration, as well as establishing healthy eating habits at an early age, which is hopefully maintained throughout adulthood. So, here are the basics…Slide1 Continue reading