Jamie Oliver vs Pete Evans

The title says it all…Whose team are you on? I don’t normally start a segment with my conclusion but I am hands down team J.A.M.I.E! Celebrity chefs and media personalities have become the ultimate advocates for healthy living yet there’s a fine line between promoting scientifically sound information about health and nutrition and simply being a “fad-vocate”. Here are my thoughts on Jamie and Pete…Slide1

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Dining and the City: To the Volkshaus We Go! Zurich, Switzerland

Now this is going back about a year, sometime in October…Known as being a part of Swiss history for a century now, the “People’s House of Zurich” is a multifunctional building with a restaurant, bar, spa, offices and more! I have passed by this building multiple times but never had the chance to pop inside and try out the restaurant’s exquisite menu which offers some local dishes with a twist. So the time came, and I walked in…

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Dining and the City

A couple of years back, I have decided to create another blog-Dining and the City- yet, underestimating how much work it takes to keep two blogs rolling! It was only a matter of time that the foodie in me decided to create a whole world of reviews, hot spots and guides to help you explore and navigate the world of cafés, bars and restaurants, globally!slide12

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